Huge DCC Lot, SotDL & More for Sale
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Large Lot of DCC Items, plus a few Shadow of the Demon Lord items & some Conan.  Prices don't include shipping, which will be calculated at media rate in USA.  Will be higher overseas.  I accept paypal.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Items
Core Rulebook Hardcover (NM): $25
DCC RPG Annual Hardcover (SW): $30
Angels Daemons and Beings Between Otherworldly Edition Hardcover (Mint): $20
Angels Daemons and Beings Between Otherworldly Edition Hardcover (Mint): $20
Critters, Creatures & Denizens Softcover (Mint): $15
The Chained Coffin Hardcover Omnibus (Mint): $30
Perils on the Purple Planet Complete Boxed Set (NM): $75
Judge’s Screen (Mint): $8

Digest Sized Modules (All Mint)
Carnival of the Damned: $8
Sailors on the Starless Sea: $5
The Old God’s Return: $5
Advent of the Avalanche Lords: $5
Lairs of Lost Agharta: $5
The Lost City of Baraku: $5

Regular Sized Modules (All Mint)
Chaos Rising Compilation: $8
Doom of the Savage Kings: $5
Emerald Enchanter: $5
The Corpse That Love Built: $5
The Web of All Torment: $5
Moon Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom: $5
Against the Atomic Overlord: $5
The Croaking Fane: $5
Shadow Under Devil’s Reef: $5
Through the Dragonwall: $5
Jewels of the Carnifex: $5
Sinister Sutures of the Semspstress: $5
The 13th Skull: $5
Journey to the Center of Aereth: $5
The Doom that Came to Christmas Town: $5
Blades Against Death: $5
Star Wound of Abaddon: $5
[Will accept $300 plus shipping for whole DCC lot]

Shadow of the Demon Lord (Mists of Akuma Supplements)—All are mint full-color hardcovers
Core Rulebook: $30
Trade War Adventure Path: $30
Imperial Matchmaker Adventure Path $30
[Will accept $75 for all 3 books]

Conan d20 Boxed Sets (Shrink-wrapped)
Messantia, City of Riches: $35
Shadizar, City of Wickedness $35

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