B2 Keep on the Borderlands Spanish Edition For Trade!
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:50 pm 

Hello. I have at last found a copy of the elusive D&D Red Basic Set in Spanish (that I will keep for myself) that came with three modules, one of them in Spanish (guess what one  :lol: ). The module is in clearly poor conditions (reinforced with tape, some pages detached, the rest of the booklet is starting to separate in many loose pages, lot of wear... it was used and used a lot!) but it's nonetheless complete and - as you can guess - quite rare to find. I'd like to trade it with another NOT in English D&D module (I am particularly fond of B3 Palace of he Silver Princess) or, if this was not possible, to sell it. Interested people please PM me but please, if you are looking for a nice condition copy in Spanish of this module, this is not the right offer for you  :D

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