Want to buy some old T&T items
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:46 pm 

Looking especially for

1979 Calendar
1980 Calendar
black Tunnels & Trolls gm binder (not the Deluxe T&T version)

Also interested in the more obscure like:

original Agent of Death (not Outlaw Press version)
Archives Arcane
Mylars Revenge
Star of Narel
Crown of Darkness

And some things I am not even sure exist:

Caves of Azac?
Tomb of Azac?
Sign of the Thistle?
The Magic Door?
Twilight Mountain?

I have most Outlaw Press books but still also missing a few of those.

Offering good $ or I have some extra OP books and older T&T solos for trade.

PM me if you think you have something available.

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