two new RPGA-only FR adventures
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 2:27 am 

Does anyone have any information about the new WotC RPGA line of miniatures-related modules (Adrian, perhaps?).  In particular, I'm looking for game-play value as well as the usual collectability details (how scare are they, etc.).

The two I have on the block to receive as part of a trade are:

Key To Phantom's Cloister (Adrian has some info at
Epidemic (Adrian to the rescue again at

Any thoughts/info/details/offers to trade them for a spare woodgrain/etc. happily entertained :D

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Post Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:50 am 

While I originally thought that these were going to be the next Adventurer's Guild items, you can get these all on eBay for relatively cheap.  They are actually almost EXACT copies of the pdf versions (which have full art), but these have covers.  Printed in black and white, softcover, the adventure quality playablitity-wise varies (Key to Phantom's Cloister looks great, but its the first part of a 2-part series where the 2nd part has never been released).  Printing quality is good, on nice, glossy paper (makes you sad its only in b&w!).  The only one that is slightly tricky to get ahold of is Extermination (which came in the "Con In a Box" with the Fist of Emerikol die, which is a pretty neat item if you can get your grubby claws on one).
I find them kinda neat...  they might get semi-rare later on, but all indications are that WotC is printing tons of them (they are promo items, but easily ordered by any gaming shop).  Check out this page for more details on all the promo goodies WotC is releasing once a month as part of these packs (the adventures are just 1 item). ... ignseasons

Get them while they are cheap (who knows if they'll stay that way?).  They are the only official adventures being released for FR right now, which puts them in an interesting position.  The pdf versions are rather hard to find too...  I've been trying to get my hands on them since the campaign launched a year and a half ago, and only this week managed to find somebody who would mail them to me in return for some Living Greyhawk modules.

On another note, WotC has all but officially announced that the next "D&D Campaigns" series will be set in Eberron.  They'll probably make the announcement at GenCon.

(Feel free if you have any more questions, I've been picking these up as they've been released).


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Post Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:54 am 


Did you see the post from a week or two ago?

D&D Miniature League Promo

These things are currently readily available and dirt cheap on eBay.  The tricky part is, who knows how many retailers are actually ordering the kits?  The print runs may be comparable to the AG stuff... or not.  :?   I'd agree with Cernunnos that if you're interested in them you should get them while you can.  Before word got around about the AG modules you could pick them up for next to nothing too.

As far as quality goes, I've only given them the casual once-over (not being a big FR fan) so I'm probably not the best judge on that topic.  They mostly seem to be interesting and nicely produced, if nothing else.

BTW they are at least up to LGR11 now, just haven't had time to get any more of them posted lately.


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Post Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 10:27 am 

With the caveats that LGR4 and LGR10 have not been released, even as pdf's.  There are also LGX1 and 2, which have been large Con modules (one is a rewrite or continuation of the AG module Dungeon of the Hark).

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