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My wife cleaned our basement over the weekend and on top of the pile of "what do you want to do with this stuff" was a copy of Tegel Manor, #27.  It is a copy that is between the 3rd and 4th print, circa 1980, with Bob Bledsaw's name on the cover (as in the 4th print), but the note on the cover was printed:  "This haunted house for your campaign describes rule guidelines, monsters and ghostly encounters.  Includes 17" x 22" Judges Map and 32 page book"   Someone has then hand corrected the note to read: 11" x 17" over the original 17" x 22" map.  It would appear that they had more covers for the 3rd print, ran them through the press to add Bob Bledsaw's name, and then hand corrected until they ran a new cover with the new map dimensions.  Has anyone seen anything like this?

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Replied to other thread, but seen this one as well.  It it this?:



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