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Post Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:35 pm 

As many know, I recently came into a rather large cache of MERP material. I'm attempting to pin down exactly what I have, and was attempting to get a handle on approximate values for individual items via the Wiki. Alas, there are too few entries in many cases, and many abberations as well, such as VG copies of a book going for $20, while NM copies go for $10.

Here is the list, and approximate conditions. Do these values seem reasonable? In most cases, maps have been removed from the staples, but carefully it seems, and could probably be re-inserted.

    $75        #2009        Palantir Quest        FN+                A few small punctures in front; tiny stains on page edge
    $90        #2016        Lake-Town        VF                Map included
    $90        #2017        The Shire        VF                Map included
    $10        #2100        Campaign and Adventure Guidebook for Middle-Earth        GD+                Map included
    $10        #2210        Middle Earth Adventure Guidebook II        FN-                Map included
    $30        #2300        Angmar        VG+                Map included; Some staple rust; Owners name in ink
    $60        #2400        Umbar        VG+                Map included; Some staple rust; Owners name in ink
    $75        #2500        Ardor        VG+                Map included; Trace of staple rust
    $30        #2600        Northern Mirkwood - 1983 version        VG+                Map included; Trace of staple rust
    $18        #2700        Southern Mirkwood        VG+                Map included
    $25        #2800        Isengard        VG+                Map included; some staple rust
    $10        #2900        Moria        VG-                Some ink writing and highlighting
    $20        #3000        Rangers of the North        VG+                Map included; Cover beginning to come loose; a few ink marks
    $20        #3100        Riders of Rohan        FN+                Map included; a couple of ink marks
    $50        #3110        Mount Gundabad        VF-                Map included
    $50        #3112        Gorgoroth        VF                Map included
    $125        #3113        The Grey Mountains        VF                Map included
    $17        #3200        Lorien        FN-               
    $25        #3300        Havens of Gondor        VF-                Map included
    $28        #3400        Sea-Lords of Gondor        FN                Map included; Spine frayed and beginning to split
    $22        #3500        Ents of Fangorn        FN+                Map included
    $55        #3600        Dunland        FN-                Map included; a few ink marks
    $25        #3700        Lost Realm of Cardolan        FN+                Map included
    $30        #3800        Far Harad        FN                Map included; a couple of ink marks
    $40        #3900        Shadow in the South        VF-                Map included
    $25        #4002        Northwestern Middle-Earth Gazetteer        FN                Map included
    $5        #8000        Middle-Earth Role Playing - 2nd US Edition 1986        GD                Cover wear and rubbing; some ink marks
    $12        #8002        Lords of Middle Earth Vol. I         FN                Cover wear and rubbing; some ink marks
    $12        #8003        Lords of Middle Earth Vol. II        VF-                Little 'chew' mark on front cover bottom
    $12        #8004        Lords of Middle Earth Vol. III        VF-               
    $10        #8005        Creatures of Middle Earth        VG+                Some items checked off in ink
    $10        #8006        Treasures of Middle Earth        VG                Many items checked off in ink
    $15        #8007        Angus McBride's Characters of Middle Earth        FN               
    $12        #8010        Bree and the Barrow Downs        VG+                Cover wear (some ink markings)
    $15        #8011        Mouths of the Entwash        VF                Touch of staple rust
    $18        #8012        Warlords of the Desert        VF-                A little shelf damage
    $25        #8013        Dark Mage of Rhudaur        VF                Barest trace of staple rust
    $25        #8014        Rogues of the Borderlands        VF                Barest trace of staple rust
    $35        #8015        Forest of Tears        VF                Barest trace of staple rust
    $25        #8016        Ghost Warriors        VF               
    $15        #8020        Dagorlad and the Dead Marches        VG+                Cover rubbing
    $10        #8030        The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelob's Lair        VG+                Cover rubbing
    $10        #8040        Hillmen of the Trollshaws        VG+                Cover rubbing
    $12        #8050        Thieves of Tharbad        FN                Cover rubbing
    $18        #8060        Erech and the Paths of the Dead        FN                Cover rubbing
    $15        #8070        Goblin-Gate and Eagles Eyrie        VG+                Cover rubbing
    $15        #8080        Rivendell - The House of Elrond        FN                Touch of staple rust
    $18        #8090        Brigands of Mirkwood        VF-                A few dog-eared pages - has errata sheet
    $12        #8101        Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings (1985)        FN+                Trace of staple rust
    $15        #8102        Phantom of the Northern Marches        FN+                Trace of staple rust
    $30        #8103        Trolls of the Misty Mountains        VF               
    $18        #8104        Pirates of Pelargir        VF               
    $22        #8105        Gates of Mordor        FN                Cover rubbing
    $25        #8106        Assassins of Dol Amroth        FN+               
    $15        #8107        Woses of the Black Wood        FN                Trace of staple rust
    $5        #8108        Raiders of Cardolan        GD                Trace of staple rust; Massive highlighting and writing; Edge frayed
    $25        #8109        Ghosts of the Southern Anduin        VF+               
    $15        #8110        Perils on the Sea of Rhun        FN+                Trace of staple rust
    $20        #8111        Denizens of the Dark Wood        VF                Barest trace of staple rust
    $25        #8112        Hazards of the Harad Wood        FN+                Trace of staple rust
    $20        #8113        The Necromancer's Lieutenant        FN                Staple Rust
    $35        #8114        River Running        FN+                A few dog-eared pages due to bad print trim - minor cover scuffing
    $32        #8201        Weathertop - Tower of the Wind        FN-                One corner has been 'crunched' and flattened out
    $20        #8202        Teeth of Mordor        VF               
    $18        #8203        Calenhad - Beacon of Gondor        VF               
    $10  #8204        Halls of the Elven-King        VF                       
    $25        #8205        Nazgul's Citadel        VF                Some cover rubbing
    $25        #8301        Minas Tirith        VF                Owner Name written in ink on copyright page; map present
    $30        #8302        Minas Ithil        VF                Some cover rubbing


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Post Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:55 pm 

The MERP valuations on the wiki are slowly building in accuracy. It is always hard when you start because you get those odd outliers that skew the prices. I hope though that prices helped and the links to the auctions served as a guide!

I have been watching MERP prices a lot longer than the few months we've started on the wiki price monitoring and I think your list is quite reasonable.

Those that I think are low are:

Mount Gundabad
Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetteer
River Running
Necromancer's Lieutenant

Mount Gundabad and Gorgoroth used to fetch prices closer to $70. I do sort of expect these ones to creep up as more auctions are monitored. Same with Lorien and the NW ME Gazzetter. Lorien used to go for a hefty price and I think $35 would be better for that. The Gazetter $40. River Running I'd up to $45 and Necromancer's Lieutenant to $30.

I think Grey Mountains and Forest of Tears are too high. There had not been a Grey Mountains for while and I think the $130 on the wiki is an anomaly. If more get listed they'll likely be in the $70 range. I was surprised with those recent prices in the UK for Forest of Tears - that module is quite common and usually sells for under $20.

I hope this helps! And I am very envious of your find. Many of those modules I still don't have after many years of trying to get them!!!!

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