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Post Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:56 pm 

I have these miniatures and wonder if I should just put them all together as a lot on Ebay. And if so, at what price range.

#5001 Year 1980 :  The Dungeon Explorers Grenadier Models Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Large Introductory Set. Complete, with insert -- box a little squashed.

#8004 Year 1983:  Dragon Lords Fantasy Fiends (still with the paint pots in the box). Action Art figure set. Complete, with insert. Un-painted. Two sides of the bottom part of the box are broken.

#2007 Year 1983:  Dragon Lords. Females: The Children of Diana. For use with Dungeons & Dragons. Complete, with insert -- has a faint mark where a glass was placed on the top of box, and the box is a little squashed.

#2014 Year 1984:  Dragon Lords. Folklore Creatures of the Night for use with Dungeons & Dragons. Complete, with insert

#2015 Year 1984:  Dragon Lords. Dragon Killers for use with Dungeons & Dragons. Has no insert. Figures look to be professionally painted?

Also have quite a few Der Kriegspieler Men-at-Arms with swords in blisters -- probably about 10 or so. 25mm scale. #1916 has been crossed out and #3816 written in.

Also a few Hinchcliffe Ancients from Heritage Models in Texas. #3019

Finally, one packet of DragonTooth Fantasy Figures 25mm Tom Loback General Artworks Dwarves D4.

Also have many loose miniatures.

The help is much appreciated.



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Post Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:06 pm 

I recommend you sell each boxed set and each blister separately, but at the same time so buyers can combine shipping.  Make sure you mention that you are selling similar items to make different searches turn up one of your auctions which can lead to increased interest overall.  Individual figures are best sold in lots of about ten minis or more.  Advertise here and at DF and other places if you want.  I hope that helps.   8)

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Post Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:03 am 

I agree with bj.  Be sure you get good, clear photos.  I have had luck selling individual loose minis if I can identify them properly.

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