D1-2,D-3 $85 ?????
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 1:12 pm 

This is my first post...and I don't know how to do HTML, or I would link this, but could somebody please explain what in the hell is up with EBAY item #3186389372, scheduled to end in about 4 hours from now. I mean, I know there are some less than intelligent buyers out there, but check the bid history too...it is beyond my ability to comprehend. Currently this is at $85..will it reach $100??!!...and if any of the bidders of this item read this post (although I can't imagine most of them can even read)...um call me because I've got some great X1's and B2's to sell you!!!


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Post Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 1:18 pm 

Welcome to the forum.

There is already a thread for this type of discussion.  Follow the link below.

Silliest auction price of 2004-2005 announced!

To answer your question, it's called newbay.  We see similar things happen quite a bit when two or more new D&D collectors get in a pissing contest.  So bust out those B2 and X1's and go fishing for newbay meat!

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