Dinky Dungeons
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copycat wrote in Dinky Dungeons:Excluding the 2nd edition of Dinky Dungeons, anyone know if these products had multiple printings or if some variation is expected in the add-on materials, such as the Adventure Map that accompanies the rulebook (for example, I have one set that has a greyscale version [not done by the previous owner] and a simple black-and-white one [not sure if its just a photocopy or not])?

Do you know how many Character Sheets are supposed to come with the Dinky Dungeons rules? Again, I have variable amounts which could be due to someone playing with them, but I'd like to know what to expect for completeness's sake.

And, lastly, anyone know whether these items were made (being mentioned in the catalog that comes with the booklets, I am curious...):

Doc's Pow Cards Set #1

Doc's Pow Cards Set #2

Moxie Tuff-Guy Wrestling

I have the POW card sets; I'm not familiar with the MTGW.

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I have a Dinky Dungeons set, including POW cards and the Dinky Kingdom, which was signed by the author at an Atlanticon (not that he’s anyone particularly famous).  I corresponded with the main author, Denton Elliott, for some years;  he was a very friendly man, and was patient with my inquiries.  I’ll look it up on Ebay.

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