Adventure Game Sign from Dave Arneson
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Post Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:00 am 

A few years back I acquired a wooden sign, hand made by a female artist for Dave Arneson when he owned and operated Adventure Games Inc..  The sign depicts a styalized Adventure Games Inc. in two tipes of wood.  The letters are dark wood and the curving plank is lighter.  It's in good condition though before I picked it up Rick Loomis had it in a storage shed for many years.  As such, there are several dings or scuffs around the edges, none of which show much now that I've got it hanging in a place of honor.  When I acquired it, Rick said Dave requested I put some sort of a plackard on the back noteing that it once belonged to, was made for, and was used by Dave Arneson.  From what I understand the sign was used mostly at trade shows in his booth.  It may have also hung in his office or other place of business but that is complete speculation.

 The sign is oddly shaped but rough averages would put the sign at two feet by four feet give or take for where you measure.

 Mind you, I am not looking to sell this sign at any price but I would like some ideas as to its value.  The Acaeum has been accepted by my insurer as a resource for assessing value depending on who makes the post and a few other considerations.

 Also, Mr. Arneson, if you happen to read this please send me a PM.  I would like to get some more history of the sign for the plackard.  I never did affix anything to the sign as I didn't want to change it in any way.  However, I've got a plackard next to it with your requested inormation.  Also, I currenlty reside in Florida and would love to have you autograph the back!

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