Designer Package for TSR
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:10 pm 

I found the pages described below in a lot of Magazines I purchased some time ago and always wondered if they had any value.
The pages were inserted inside one of the magazines.

Designer Package for TSR.
There are six (6) single sided pages and one (1) double-sided page described below.
None of the pages are actually numbered; I numbered them below for clarity in this post.

The single sided pages:

1) Dear Designer letter. Unsigned and undated.

2) Current Needs, July -- Dec 1984
This page is the only one with any dating.

3) If this is your First Submission to TSR
Instructions on format, content, etc....

4) Details regarding the following:
Art, Payment, licensed products, and instructions for various products parts (Maps, Tables, Format, Series, Storyline/Plot Details), and advice.

5) Module Proposal
A fill in the blanks application.

6) Standard Product Disclosure Form to TSR, Inc., its Divisions and Subsidiaries.

Double Sided Page:
This page offers detaled instructions/requirements for Modules and Manuscripts.

Module Quality Specifications.
7) Side One (And the top one-third of side two): The Adventure
8.) Side Two: The Manuscript.

Does anyone have this item and/or does anyone have a guess as to the probable value?
Should I simply toss it in the garbage bin?
Sell it on E-Bay?
Store it in a polybag with cardboard backing?

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Post Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:03 pm 

I do remember seeing a similar set for auction a couple of years ago but I really don't remember what they sold for.  I also seem to recall we had a discussion about these at some point too - there was also a submission package for Dungeon magazine.

Here's what a quick search brings up:


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