Mid-Range White Dwarf Magazines
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Post Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:15 pm 

OK, so I am searching to complete my Warhammer Quest stuff and know there were several issues of White Dwarf that had add-ons and so forth for the game. But, before I just go all ballistic and spend too much, I was curious what they might be, roughly, worth... so I know around what to expect.

These are the issues in question:

185 -- *
186 -- *
187 -- *
189 -- *
190 -- *
191 -- *
192 -- *
193 -- *
195 -- *
197 -- *
201 -- *
204 -- *

* : Add-ons (as in cards/tiles) Included

If anyone has them all in complete shape, want to sell them? :)


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Post Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:20 pm 

I went through a Warhammer Quest phase a few years ago (2002, maybe? ... something like that), and definitely had to open up the wallet a bit for some of those issues (much the same as trying to pick up certain issues with Talisman add-ons).

I seem to remember $10 to $15 prices on some of those issues. I won them all, IIRC, through live auctions; this was before BINs really took off and started taking over eBay. I even had to go to UK sellers for a couple of issues, as they never seemed to be offered by U.S. sellers, so I also got whacked pretty good with overseas shipping.

Fun stuff, though. And finding specific magazine articles is one of my favorite collecting niches (I'm currently working on finding every Cosmic Encounter and Dune article ever published). It requires a certain amount of skill and patience (and a bit of luck) to track down single issues in a sea of gaming magazines.

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