Avalon Hill RuneQuest
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Post Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:10 pm 

Hey all,

I'm looking to thin down my collection a bit, and one of the first culprits I'm looking at is my Avalon Hill RuneQuest collection.

The Player's and Game Master's boxes are all beat to hell (and I'm keeping them, the smaller booklets, and the half-used character sheets anyway), but everything else is in good condition, if slightly shelfworn.

Any idea of the values of these?

#1: Monster Coliseum
#4: Vikings
#5: Gods of Glorantha
#6: Griffin Island
#7: Land of Ninja
#8: Glorantha
#9: Trollpak
#10: Troll Gods
#11: Elder Secrets
Eldarad: The Lost City
Dorastor: Land of Doom
River of Cradles (i.e. AVH Pavis: Big Rubble)



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Post Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:13 pm 

Hey, it's funny you mention this because I happen to be listing a bunch of AH Runequest items on Ebay this weekend.  You can watch them to get an idea.  Judging from prior sales, I would say you are lucky to get anything above original retail.  I listed 15 + supplements, all brand new in shrinkwrap, and most sold at or a few dollars above retail.  The deluxe 3rd edition rulebook does well, usually $50+.
Vikings is around $15,Dorastor $20, Monster Colisuem $10, Griffin Island pretty low!!
 You may do better with River of Cradles and Ninja??  You might want to consider selling them as a lot.  I hope this helps.


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