Command Post y Greg Novak Vol 1 Number 1 Winter 1990
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I've got one of these in pretty good condition.  I know Command Post is fairly collectible in Europe but I've never seen this issue (the first one) anywhere at any price so I'm clueless.

 Here's what I know about it...

Command Post Newsletter 1 (Winter 1990) was the original publication that eventually became Command Post Quarterly. Both were edited by Greg Novak and both deal with the 20th century, especially in support of Command Decision, Combined Arms, and Over the Top wargames. The inaugural issue includes articles on: Battle of Chinese Farm 1973, Politics in Market Garden, TO&E (CD) for WWII German Mountain Division and British Infantry Tank Brigade, kitbashing the Soviet OT-64 Armored Car, CD rules ideas, and more.

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