Dungeon board game by David R Megary TSR Games 1975 ?
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A First Edition Dungeon! Board Game has my name spelled with 1 'r' instead of two 'r's. My name was on the Rule Booklet, the Board and the Box. The first printing had 3000 games, printed by Patch Press, Inc. When they came out with the 2nd Printing of 3000 games, they "corrected" the name spelling by adding another 'g': Meggary. This is also on the Rule Booklet, the Board and the Box. I had my falling out with Gary in late 1976, so I do not know how the third printing went, but there was a mixture: the box had one spelling and the board and rule booklet had the other. When TSR finally had the big box version, my name was spelled correctly. Lapsminn has a copy of the 2nd version I made of the game. The original board and pieces were returned to me by Gary but not the rule booklet with the lame excuse that it was destroyed when they were editing for the first printing. If Lapsminn could make a copy of the version she has and get it to me, I would appreciate it as I foolishly did not make a copy of the original I gave to Gary. I have the last 10 copies of the first printing which I bought from TSR when I was Treasurer and Inventory Manager. They are in the original shrink wrap. The first printing has printing errors on the cards, the frequency I do not remember. I am still in Minneapolis and I have a lot less hair...


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Thanks for the info and good to hear from you.  Yes, there are lots more prints of Dungeon!  I think it is safe to say that it was a good seller for TSR.  I have to go check if my copies match 1st or 2nd prints :)



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Thanks for sharing this background, David. It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the games.


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