Misc. lot of AD&D, how much is it worth?
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Post Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:04 pm 

Time for another question.  I have a lead on buying the AD&D collection listed at the bottom of this post.  No other information is available (such as condition, printing, etc.) except seller says the stuff was purchased in the early to mid-1980's.  Some of the stuff I have never heard of, thus I need some assistance.  I want to buy this lot, keep what I need, and sell the rest.  Any ideas on a fair price???  I await the sage's advice.  Thanks.


Hardcover Books

AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide
AD&D        Players Handbook
AD&D        Monster Manual
AD&D Monster Manual 2
AD&D Deities and Demigods


Conan- Unchained!                         CB1
Tomb of Horrors                        S1
Hall of the Fire Giant King                 G3
Beyond the Crystal Cave                UK1
Temple of Death                        X5
Dragons of Flame                        DL2
Master of the Desert Nomads                X4
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks                S3
Mordenkainens Fantastic Adventure        WG5
White Plume Mountain                        S2
Slave Pits of the Undercity                A1
The Keep on the Borderlands                B2 from the Basic Set
The Isle of Dread                        X1 from the Expert Set

Miscellaneous Stuff

Expert Rule Book
The Rogues Gallery
The Shady Dragon Inn
Monster and Treasure Assortment Guide
World of Greyhawk with Maps
Lankhmar City of Adventure
City System  Maps of Waterdeep
Dwarves (not connected to AD&D)
The Complete Adventurer (not connected to AD&D)
Citibook 1 The Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker (not connected to AD&D)
Citibook 2 Port of Call (not connected to AD&D)
Pile of Dragon Mags


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Post Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:16 pm 

That collection could be worth $50 to $700 depending on condition and editions.

 It sounds like the seller might not know much about the books and is just selling an old personal collection.  Chances are it's worth about $100 to $200.  Everything hinges on condition and edition though so I would really press for a picture or at least a general description as to scuffing, scribbling, and tears.

 If you press for too much info that is indicative of first editions and they hit, then you run a risk of keying your seller in on what to look for and you'll drive the price up or drive the seller directly to Ebay.

 Good luck!


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Post Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:59 am 

Wags et al.,

Thanks for the comments.  This is a local sale so I can go and look at the stuff first before I decide to buy it.  I hope to view the collection this week.  If I buy it, I will definately report back here and probably try to give members first chance before ebay.



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Post Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:05 am 


I went and looked at the collection of AD&D materials mentioned above, and I was pleasantly surprised.  All of the stuff was in really good condition (Fine to VFine) I would say.  Little to no markings and everything looked nice.  Thus I purchased the whole collection.  The list is at the end of this post.

I'm going to go through the lot again and cross reference it against what I need for my collection.  I figure a large portion of it, along with these items, will be up for resale.  First to Acaeum members, then ebay.  Therefore, if people reading this want to put "dibs" on any of this stuff, feel free to email (I will ship internationally).  Otherwise keep an eye on the Classifieds section.


PS-as the emails start to roll in, I just wanted to say that some of this stuff I will be keeping.  I will post a definate "for sale" list in the Classifieds section soon.  Thus if you email me to put dibs on some stuff, please realize not everything on your list may be for sale.  Thanks.

1040                ADD        Forgotten Realms City System  2nd Print       

9162                ADD        Lankhmar City of Adventure 1st Print       

9123        CB1        ADD        Conan Unchained!       

9022        S1        ADD        Tomb of Horrors 1981 5th Print       

9018        G3        ADD        Hall of the Fire Giant King 4th Print       

9066        UK1        ADD        Beyond the Crystal Cave       

9132        DL2        ADD        Dragons of Flame (Dragon Lance)       

9069        X5        DD        Temple of Death       

9068        X4        DD        Master of the Desert Nomads       

9033        S3        ADD        Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 6th Print       

9112        WG5        ADD        Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure (Greyhawk)       

9027        S2        ADD        White Plume Mountain 4th Print       

9039        A1        ADD        Slave Pits of the Undercity 1st Print       

9034        B2        DD        The Keep on the Borderlands 4th Print       

9043        X1        DD        The Isle of Dread 2nd Print       

2015        2        DD        D&D Expert Rulebook 2nd Print       

9031                ADD        The Rogues Gallery 2nd Print       

9100        AC1        DD        The Shady Dragon Inn       

9047                DD        Monster & Treasure Assortment S1-3: L1-9 1st Print       

9025                ADD        The World of Greyhawk 4th Print?       

2010                ADD        Players Handbook 7th Print       

2009                ADD        Monster Manual 5th Print       

2013                ADD        Deities & Demigods 2nd Print       

2016                ADD        Monster Manual II 1st Print       

2011                ADD        Dungeon Masters Guide 9th Print       

                       Citibook I Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker       

                       Citibook II Port o' Call       

                       Dwarves by Role Aids       

               2x        The Compleat Adventurer by Bard Games       

                       MERC Boxed Set by Fantasy Games Unlimited INC.       

                       Dragon Magazine-No Cover        61,65,66,72,73,76

               B2                Best of Dragon Vol. II       

                       Dragon Magazine with Cover        55,67-71,74,75,77-105,107-118

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