Deities & Demigods
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Post Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2002 6:01 pm 

Hi Guys.  :lol:    new guy on the block. :D   I have  just  purhased a mint condition Deities & demigods. It is the purple/pinky cover. Inside the front few pages amongst the acknowlegements there is a thank you note to Chosium inc for allowing TSR to print the info about the Cthulhu and Nibonean Mythos.   Although as far as i can see there are no refrences made to either in the book.  I realise that the first printing had sections for these mythos, but this has none.   First of all what printing do you think ?     And what about approximate value?  It is  in Mint condition never been used. not even wear on the corners.  Thanks guys!   Ben


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Well it depends. Does it have a wizard logo or a tsr face logo? If it has the wizard logo but no cthulhu its a 3rd print. If it has a tsr face logo, it may either be the 4th print or 5th print. You just said that it does not have the cthulhu or melnibonean symbols so its worth about $7+ dollars in my opinion. You can find it fairly easily on ebay. Type in deities demigods, deities, etc and you will see many copies of ones with the cthulhu and ones without. The ones without can be gotten for cheap prices.


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Post Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2002 1:32 am 

Printing info for Deities and Demigods goes like this:  1st Print: Cthulhu included, no thanks to Chaosium on page 4. 2nd Print: Cthulhu included, thanks to Chaosium on pg 4. 3rd Print: No Cthulhu, thanks to Chaosium, still says '17 Pantheons' on back. (All of the above have the wizard logo.) 4th Print: No Cthulhu, thanks to Chaosium, says '15 Pantheons' on back, TSR Face Logo 5th Print: No Cthulhu, no thanks, '15 Pantheons', TSR Face Logo.

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