AD&D Silver Anniversary Edition
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:18 pm 

bclarkie wrote:The fact is that people pony up a lot extra when the condition of a particular item is premium, regardless of the rarity or "desirablity"

For common items I'm content to buy cheap but worn items.  I figure I can always buy a second copy later if I decide I want one that's perfect and still shrinkwrapped.  Having a "reading" copy makes the duplication well worth the extra cost.

For rare items condition becomes a lot more important.  I would much rather  spend $4000+ for a perfect copy that I know I'll be happy with than $1000- for a ratty copy that I'll be looking to replace right from the start.

Unlike a certain feline fanatic who's gone missing again, I will probably only ever buy one woodgrain box set.  I want to make sure its one I'll be happy with.

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