Several Old Miniatures
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I've DM'ed 2nd Ed. AD&D for many many years now, stretching back to about '90 or so. Well, of late I got to wondering what, if anything, some of my old stuff was possibly worth.

Here is a list of just a few of my favorite miniatures (I have hundreds) that I was able to pin down as to the maker and it's production number.

Ral Partha
11-471 Necrophidius
11-458 Dragonne
11-406 Mind Flayer
11-408 Troll
11-473 Giant Rat Stand
11-459 Skrag (Sea Troll)
11-462 Lamia
11-464 Naga
11-469 Sligs
11-466 Blink Dogs

AD&D - Dark Sun
11-701 Thri-Keen
11-702 Crodlu Riders
11-709 Half Giants

20-527 Toxic Earth Spirit

Dragon Lords - Dragon of the Month series 3

9601 Black Dragon II
9602 Red Dragon II
9604 Brass Dragon II
9605 Green Dragon II
9606 Silver Dragon II
9607 Blue Dragon II
9612 Spectral Dragon II (Tiamat!)
(All Dragons have their companion miniatures.)

Are any of these figures considered desireable or especially collectable? As well, what sort of value would they have? All are carefully handpainted and like new despite being used pretty constantly for nearly 16 years now.  I don't plan to sell any of them but can't help but wonder.

Also, does anyone remember the Dungeonworks sets with the metal gameboard and plastic walls and doors? I still use mine and most of my miniatures are equipped with magnets on their bases to stick them to the board. How hard are these sets to find now days?

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