Old TSR Board Game - 'Knight of Camelot' - question
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Post Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:45 pm 

Hi,  I wonder if someone can help me ID what edition my copy of 'Knights of Camelot' is and what, if anything, it might be worth?  The game is Copyrighted 1980, but no edition number is indicated. The box is a light blue colour, and depicts two charging knights one in green/one in red livery, with a keep in the background.  Condition of the game is MINT, although it has been played, all the counters/charts etc are accounted for and the box is as solid as the day it was made! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,  Thanks, reaper67


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Hi Reaper, I have looked around the internet with information about the different editions of Knights of Camelots boardgame. Check the games rulebook, perhaps that will tell the copyright date or edition. All copies that I have seen of this game bear the wizard logo on the bottom right. Perhaps another version bears a tsr face logo or ?  You could try asking the weekend warrior. Type their name in on a search and you should come upon their website. Email them as the person running the place knows a lot about boardgames.  You could also try asking Aaron Leeder at nobleknight games. Visit his site at http://www.nobleknight.com He may be busy but he tries to answer all questions and may help you out with the editions of your game.

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