Dungeon Geomorphs
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Post Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:54 pm 

Grug Greyskin wrote:as it would not be a total shock for the auction to end under 70, but if I were to bet, I would bet the over.

Already over 70... ;)

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Post Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:01 pm 

ryan_c_byrd wrote:Thanks for the info.  I think I am not going to stop the auction.  I appreciate all the quick responses.

Any idea how to confirm which pages belong to which cover sheets (besides the caverns)?

Just by looking at your pics:
All of your Geomorph sets have both front and rear covers.
They also include FOUR seperate Blue colored Geomorph sheets in each set (They are all blank on the reverse?).

Each set will have a total of Five BLUE Geomorph sheets if you count the reverse side of the front covers.

As you stated and I agree; I have little doubt that your Set Two: Caves & Caverns is complete as the Geomorphs in that set could not be confused with Dungeon Geomorphs because those sets have smoothly lined Hallways, and angular rooms instead of the roughly cut tunnels and walls of Caves and Caverns.
Sets one and two MIGHT be mixed up... but I suspect (together if not seperately) that they are indeed complete.

Set One: Basic Dungeon.
The Front cover is a red lettered sheet with the title, etc.
With a BLUE Geomorph sheet (see below) on the reverse.
The rear cover is a red lettered sheet with instructions and keying your levels advice statement.
The front and rear covers are Purple and Brown for Geos 2 and 3 (respectively).
The reverse side of the rear covers (for all three sets) have blue typed instructions on the reverse.

Each set also includes FOUR additional sheets with BLUE colored Geomorphs on one side and blank on the other side.
I am fairly certain that that set up is standard with each set.
On the inside of each BLUE Geomorph sheet, at approximately even spacing (from sheet to sheet) you will find large block letters (in caps).

Interior Sheets..
Blank on one side with Blue Geomorphs on the other side.
First sheet has a Blue Geomorph with the letters A B C
Second sheet has a Blue Geomorph with the letters D E F
Third sheet has a Blue Geomorph with the letters J K L
Fourth sheet has a Blue Geomorph with the letters M N O
The reverse of the front cover has a Blue Geomorph with the letters G H I

If your Set One and Set Three have more and/or less than the Lettered sheets listed above, then they are mixed up.

Your listings are nearing the prices I suspected for your sets two and three.
IMO: your set One will also do very well for its condition.
I think (umnn I Know) the prices are being affected by the Acaeum effect...
This thread already has over 1000 views.... :lol:

The combined prices are well over $85 now and I feel that even our green blooded pointy eared friends estimate may not be high enough....
I would be pleased with the final prices for those if they were my sets.
But, if those were my sets, then they would not be for sale...
Well perhaps set one would be....

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Post Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:36 am 

Thanks for all the support and great info.  My intention was not to use this forum as advertising.  This is actually the first time I have posted on a forum (alongside tomeoftreasures.com).  I verified that my pages are complete for sets 1 and 3 (set 2 already was).  However, I am not sure how to tell which tile page D/E/F (for example) goes with set 1 or 3.  I am sure of the one on the back of the cover, and the one that the cover shows, and the one on the other sets cover, but still not quite sure of teh odd one out.  I am 99% sure I have them in the proper order since they were separated for years and the complexity of the dungeons (and mix of hole punches) are consistent.  Plus, there is a little B2 on the corner of the set 3 pages.


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Post Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:21 am 

ryan, you could post photos here, and someone could confirm which page goes with which. Just a small photo, large enough to see the pattern of rooms. You can host them at www.tinypic.com and then link them with the code they give you after you upload (i.e., [img]....[/img])



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Post Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:58 pm 

Here are the pics.  The pages are alphabetically laid out.



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