AD&D collection (mostly planescape)
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For the past few years i've been collecting Planescape paraphanalia and along the way i've happend to obtain several other random items. Most of them I know aren't worth much, picked up from various stores for little more than a few pounds each in most cases, but when it comes to my planescape stuff, well, I wont stop till i've obtained the whole collection of books published.

For various reasons, I would however like a rough estimate of what people think these things are worth... Occassionaly I flirt with the idea of insuring some of them, but I doubt they're worth enough as a collection to warrent that.


Non planescape:

AD&D 2nd ed DMG - 2160 - 1995 first printing - VG condition, name of previous owner written in the front.

AD&D 2nd ed PHB - 2159 - 1995 second printing - G condition, front few pages a little loose but otherwise clean and tight. name of previous owner written in front.

Players guide to Dragonlance - 2143 - VG condition, pages still tight (in fact it's quite hard to open the binding is so stiff!) Slight marking where original price sticker would have been.

Forgotten Realms - Faiths and Avatars - 9516 - battered but perfectly readable. the cover is wrinkled and the edges a little worn with age and use. Binding still tight and inside pages unmarked. Name of previous owner in front.

Forgotten Realms - Campaign setting -  1085 - 2nd edition - Box battered and all but destroyed (it really no longer resembles a box), contents in mint condition. Includes all supliments and all 4 maps.

Forgotten Realms - Volo's guide to the sword coast - 9460 - G condition, a little used but binding is still tight and pages are clean.

Complete book of Gnomes and Halflings - 2134 - G condition, pages clean and binding tight. Has name of previous owner written in the front.

Complete book of Elves - 2131 - VG condition - Binding tight (creaks when opened!) pages clean and unmarked.

The complete thief's handbook - 2111 - G condition, pages clean and binding tight. a little used though.

The complete book of Necromancers - 2151 - G condition, pages clean (a little yellowed but i think that's the paper) binding tight. despite being thrown on my floor it shows very little sign of wear and tear.

Arms and Equipment guide - 2123 - G condition, pages clean and binding tight. Slight wear to edges of cover but nothing more than shelf damage.

Planescape stuff:

Planescape campaign setting - 2600 - Box a bit battered and a little crushed, contents in used but well cared for condition. Contains all books and maps. Maps in mint condition.

Planeswalkers handbook - 2620 - Used condition. Edges of cover show a fair amount of wear and tear but contents is clean and tight.

Monsterous compendium appendix - 2602 - Battered book held together with tape. Back cover has been torn off and taped back together. contents clean but dogeared. Name of previous owner written in front.

Monsterous compendium appendix 2 - 2613 - G used condition. Cover a little creased but interior clean and tight.

Monsterous compendium appendix 3 - 2635 - VG condition aside from slightly flattened corners (not dogeared, but certainly slightly folded), interior clean and binding tight.

Uncaged: Faces of Sigil - 2624 - VG condition

In the cage: A guide to sigil - 2609 - G condition. Shows signs of wear. Top right hand corner a little dogeared. Interior clean, front cover slightly comming away from binding, but only noticable if you really look close.

A guide to the Astral Plane - 2625 - VG condition. Shows slight wear to the edges of the cover.

Faces of evil: The fiends - 2630 - NM condition. Little wear to edges of cover. clean copy, read once.

Planes of Law - 2607 - VG condition, Box shows slight wear but isn't distorted in any way. Contents in vg condition and including all books and maps.

Planes of Chaos - 2603 - VG condition, Box shows slight wear but isn't distorted in any way. Contents in VG condition and including all books and maps.

Players primer to the outlands - 2610 - CD in excellent condition, Box in VG condition. Shows some wear, contents likewise shows wear but is clean and undamaged.

Hellbound: The Blood War - 2621 - Box very battered, has at some point been crushed. Contents in Mint condition however. Complete with all books and maps.

Factols manifesto - 2611 - G used condition - Edges of cover show signs of wear, Interior clean and binding tight.

On hallowed ground - 2623 - Vg condition. For some unknown reason the cover is slightly slimer than the interior pages (a printing or binding error?). Pages clean, biding tight.

Dead gods - 2631 - Like hallowed ground the cover is slightly smaller than the interior pages... odd. Copy shows slight wear to the edges (in particular about the spine, but the binding is tight and the pages are clean. Includes it's maps fastened into the back page.

Well of worlds - 2604 - Used condition. Cover shows some wear, and is fading slightly. This is especially noticable on the back cover where white lines are visible. Binding tight, contents clean.

The Great Modron March - 2628 - VG condition. Slight wear to the corners of the cover. Interior clean and binding tight.

Faction war - 2629 - G condition. Edges of cover a little worn. Pages clean, binding could be tighter but no pages are loose.

Tales from the infinite staircase - 2632 - NM condition - Pages clean, binding tight, next to no wear on the cover.

Doors to the Unknown - 2626 - NM

The Deva Spark - 2606 - NM (Includes cover)

In the Abyss - 2605 - NM (Includes cover)

Harbinger House - 2614 - NM (includes cover)

Fires of Dis - 2608 - NM (includes cover)

The Eternal Boundary - NM (includes cover)

Something Wild - VG, Includes map.



The following i'll sell if anyone offers me anything for them

Harbinger House - G condition, missing it's cover but complete otherwise.

Planescape Conspectus - VG condition.

If you're interested, PM me.

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