Charity Auction for Satchel of Booty Now open.
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:38 pm 

All the goodies in the Satchel of Booty are listed in the

                       Satchel of Booty-Pers. & Mixed Items thread.

Please read all of thread; there are lists and pictures, as well as additions.
Check out the two links, please. Put "satchel" or "booty" in Search; there are a couple references in other threads.

The bidding opens tonight, Monday April 10th, 2006.

The bidding ends on Sat., April 15th at 10 PM EDT.

Please direct all bids to me through PM or my address at [url][email protected][/url]

Checks can be made to Greater Cincinnati Chapter, FISHING HAS NO BOUNDARIES. We will provide copy of our 501(3)c proof of non-profit status, and a letter acknowledging donation for tax purposes. I request that check be conveyed to me BEFORE Thursday, April 20th, when I leave for annual meeting of all the chapters in Hayward WI. I want to brag on it a little at the meeting.

On Sat., at noon, I will contact all unsuccessful bidders to give them Second Chance. If a Second Chance bid exceeds the previous high bid, that bidder will get a Second chance around 9:30 PM on Sat.

As you know, one of your members has mentioned that his company might match bid as a donation. Bless you. However, I can NOT count the matching amount as the total bid. That is grossly unfair to all who don't work for a company that can do that. The amount will be what any bidder, Single or Cartel, offers. To be honest, I would love it if that individual , or any other with that capability, won. My chapter would benefit twice as much.

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