Value of Emperor's Choice/Arduin Miniatures?
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2006 11:00 pm 

Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd wander on over and ask for some sage advice...   :wink:

I'm wondering if anyone out there has an approximate value for Emperor's Choice/Arduin Miniatures (still sealed in their original containers) of some of Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities miniatures?

I acquired these a few years back, and can only assume that this company acquired the rights to use not only the Arduin name, but the molds from Grenadier to remake/repackage/resell Julie Guthrie's miniatures?  Anyone who has greater knowledge about this would be most welcome/appreciated.

These are the miniatures that I have:
Fantasy Personalities
#864 Fighter in Plate Mail
#8133 Dwarf with Crossbow (Dwf w/ Xbow)

Fantasy Personalities II
#8110 Cleric Casting Spells
#8129 Dark Wizard
#8136 Armored Female Cleric

The packaging does not indicate if they are made from lead or from lead-free material.

Thank you,
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 3:23 pm 

I would be interested to whole story behind this as well.   From the Dragon Tree website, it seems like they had a bit of a court case going about who had the rights to the Arduin stuff.  The case was settle out of court and it seems for now at least that Emperor's Choice will be printing the books but you can now buy them from Dragon Tree as well.  Dragon Tree also makes a point in stating that the quality of Emperor's Choice editions are much lower than the Dragon Tree editions.  Hence Dragon Tree is selling the remainder of their higher quality stock at "collector prices".

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