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Post Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 1:18 pm 

I have no idea what any of these might be worth if anything.  Any info would be appreciated

The Necromican   by Erol Otus, Mathias Genser, Paul Reiche III
                         copyright 1979
                         A book of spells from 1st to 12th(?) level

The Handbook of Traps and Tricks    by The Dragon Tree
                         ISBN 0-940918-01-3     appears to be the revised 1989
                         edition    119 pgs

Lore of The Crypt Book V: Adventures    by Erik Aronesty and Andrew
                        Kalan  Underworld Publishing 1991  
                        ISBN 1-880206-04-8


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Post Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 9:36 pm 

Surprised no one has replied yet vonmolkew:  Necromican is the rare on there, with the other two being much more common (though still somewhat uncommon).

I've tracked Necromicans for awhile, and they're generally going for $20-60, varying by condition.  

Bootys go for $80-200, while the Geos and Magic Cards I've only seen sold once (IIRC it was $50-ish each, on eBay France, with BINs perhaps; they were sold relatively cheaply IMO).

edit:  added clarifying info to the above post, fixed Necromican prices (I was thinking of Booty).

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