Fantasy Paths - more info if you are interested
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 2:55 pm 

Recently I posted a classified add for Fantasy Paths.  Just in case anyone is interested, I received another email from the creator.  He seems very nice and I am just posting this as a little bit of gaming history.

Dear beyondthebreach,

Hello. I am the original developer and manufacturer of this item, having built them together with my kids in our garage-based business (Platypus) in 1980. Yes, what you depict is the original set as delivered with all documentation. Close to 1600 were made and that was it. As such I have seen prices pushing $70 to $80 at the toy conventions. BCS bought the rights from me in 1981 and marketed their own red box version through Chaosium, used the tile dies and engravings I commissioned. We never turned a profit as the initial manufacturing costs were so high and I used it as a business model for my kids. I am happy to see these come up on EBAY now and then as it is a piece of history for me and my family. In retrospect I should have put a dozen or so away for 25 years and sold them into today's collecting market. Oh well. Should any questions come up about this product you may refer them to me. Good luck in the auction. Victor Ivashin

This varies a little from his previous email where he stated it was around 800 made.  If anyone has any questions for him he can be reached at

[email protected]

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