What Price Glory?!
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 4:27 pm 


Hi All.

Can anyone tell me anything about this little book. It's an early D&D style RPG with characters, monsters and magic, and uses a hex system for movement and combat.

I'm trying to put an approximate value on it, so if anyone can remember seeing one on eBay I'd really appreciate your input.

There doesn't seem to be much info on the web, so I don't imagine it was very popular.

It's very comprehensive though, and well presented for 1978.

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 8:34 am 

As far as value, it's one of those very flexible items. Probably only a non-TSR collector would pay more than a few bucks for it.

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 6:13 pm 

If it's just a fantasy RPG system, then a few bucks.  A bunch of these systems came out on the heels of D&D and very few of them command much money with the notable exception of Arduin and maybe a couple others.

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