Value of aggregate Original D&D collection?
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Post Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:14 pm 

Hey all,

Let me start off by saying briefly that I am not selling my OD&D collection.  Indeed I hope to get a group to play one day...!

However curiosity makes me wonder what, if anything, my OD&D books are worth.  Here's a rundown:

I have booklets one, two and three from the Original D&D rules.  They have rusted staples, and show moderate to heavy wear.  There are no pencil markings in any of the books.  Book #2 is probably a true-fourth; there are no hobbit/ent references, but the cover cardstock is darker than books 1 & 3, which are most definitely 6th/OCE copies.  I have no box for these.

My copy of Supplement 1: Greyhawk is an interesting item.  It is very badly worn, has a water stain on the spine, some tearing at one of the staples and both staples are very rusted.  There are some pencil notations in the treasure tables in the back.  I got it this way from a library sale.  I got this item autographed by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz last year at Milwaukee Game Fest.  It is a2nd print with lizard logo.  (I was having such a good time playing C&C with them I almost forgot to ask!)

Also, Rob was kind enough to autograph my copy of Supplement IV:Gods, Demigods and Heroes which shows a little wear on the spine and a small stain on the back cover, but is otherwise in very good shape.  7th print.

I've got a "fair" Supplement III:Eldrich Wizardry supplement (a Father's Day gift last year), moderate spine wear, no staple rust, a small stain (maybe a heat mark or burn - only discolors the paper, no actual damage) on the front and a price-sticker stain on the back (which could probably be removed).  5th or later print (page 3's illustration is noted as a "Type VI Demon", not "Balrog").

Finally rounding out this collection is a 7th print of Chainmail, which is probably worth $4-$11 if the guide here is used.


Any ideas anyone?


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Post Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 3:00 pm 

hi DungeonDelver,

I'll guess ~$50 since everyone else is ignoring you. I don't follow the auctions of these books too closely.

You might want to watch the result of: ... 73348&rd=1

If your books are in similar condition, you could use this auction as a guage.

I have never noticed an autograph on an RPG book to increase the sale value very much if at all.


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Post Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 4:29 pm 

First let me say that without pictures, and few details, it is difficult to say with accuracy, but if a guess is what your after then here goes, and as ifearyeti said, I have not noted autographs getting premium prices on most items.

About three months back, I won an auction for a complete OCE Set with a fair condition box with Gary Gygax's autograph inside each book, on the front of the reference sheets and inside each of three seperate supplement books in the same listing (The listing also included a 3rd Edition Chainmail that was not autographed), All for less than half what some recent sales of OCE's alone have gone for. I paid $148, or so for the lot. The OCE books were in very good condition and the Supplements were all in Very Nice condition as was the Chainmail.

OD&D Booklets (No Box) with moderate to heavy wear will not likely get over $45 if sold together, if that much. Listed individually (separately), they may get as much as $15-20 each, depending on condition of course.

BTW: You did not mention whether or not you have the reference sheets. If they are in good shape, they could get around $20 from an astute collector who is missing them from his/her own set.

Your ‘badly worn' Greyhawk with water damage may not get any bids. They are too common for anyone to want one that is extensively marred and/or damaged by water. At best if you get lucky and someone new to E-Bay bids, then perhaps $10-15?

GD&H, would get perhaps $25-30.

The newer prints of Eldritch Wizardry tend to get more than the others do; perhaps it is the lady on the cover. Likely $25-30 in good condition, and up to $40 or even more if near mint.

Chainmail you already said what it will get, and gave no details as to condition, so that's it.

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 2:34 am 

Thanks for the responses all; I was beginning to think my comments had fallen on deaf ears here! :)

I certainly appreciate the input.  If anyone would care to see the items I can arrange some pics.  Again, I'm not selling or auctioning these.

I just want to know what to tell the insurance folks. :)

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