Early Pacesetter and DieCast
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2023 3:45 pm 

I'm currently sorting through my RPG collections and was hoping to put a few bits up for sale.

I've got a fair few bits of Pacesetter stuff and was wondering if there is any value in any of it, a quick check and I've found little on the market.

I have:

GC1 It Lurks Below (2012 Gen Con module)

Blood Cult (2013 big box)

V2 Palace of the Vampire Queen (NTRPG con)

RD1 Tale of the Ruby Dragon (signed edition - N Alan Patterson 2013)

TM6 Fel Horde Box

Similar period, but DieCast - I have ACM1 - Dragonslayers

Thanks for any help

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