advice on a mixed set of boxes
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 6:29 am 

Dear All

Please see attached  - or rather link to attached...

Dropbox - ITEMS FOR SALE Jan 2021 - Simplify your life

I need some advice - any rarities in this mixed eclectic bundle...  if so any advice on value...

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Post Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:34 am 

A search on these forums can provide lots of advice on the general worth of items and even the best way to sell them.  Lots of people have asked this kind of question.  Anyway, the main thing you have going for you is that, unlike many other similar requests, you at least provided pictures.  Thank you!  You have an interesting collection!  There are at least a few items that are worth $100 or more (like the TSR Dragonlance Tales of the Lance Box Set, if it's in great condition and complete)!

The best way to appraise many of these items is to see what items have actually sold for recently on eBay.  Make sure you are logged in to eBay, then enter a search query for an item like "D&D Solaris VII" and then check the little box on the left hand side that says "sold listings."  For me, that gave me about 25 different items, only a few of which are sales of items you are selling.  Of course, you have to factor in shipping, condition, completeness and many other factors which can affect a final sales price.  You may notice that very similar items sell for very different prices, so unless there are three or more sales, you still may not know with much confidence of what an item would really sell for.  By using this process, you'll be able to evaluate probably three fourths of your items if not more.  Then, if there are several items that have you stumped, I'd come back and request more specific advice.   8)

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