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Post Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:18 pm 

So I have recently acquired a full poly set of dice that I believe are Creative Publication, Inc. However the card that came with the set is titled "Dodecahedra Dice" which seems to suggest that the company also sold a set of D12's. The back of the card has the same info as the CP card titled "Polyhedra Dice".  The set also contained an extra D12 and D8. The D12's appear to be the same but one D8 is noticeably darker and has much deeper numbers indents.  I do not have a Holmes set to do a direct comparison.  Does anyone here know if CP sold sets of just D12's or maybe others like a pack of D4's? I am not a dice expert but my research and the presence of the card lead me to believe that these are CP dice, save maybe one D8. Any info on Creative Publications, Inc. and speculation as to value would be most appreciated.

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