Help identifying a DMG for AD&D, 6th Printing?
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Seeking help in identifying which printing of a DMG I have.

I have a DMG that appears a bit difficult to classify. It's almost certainly a 6th printing, probably a beta, but if I follow the flowchart I get:

Efreet cover
Wizard Logo
White endpaper & flyleaves
Wizard Logo & "TSR games" on spine

On the 238th (numbered) page it says the sheet is perforated, but it clearly isn't. There is then a final, unnumbered sheet which is also described as being perforated, but again it isn't. It's also entirely weird that this last page is unnumbered, even though it's a reference sheet just like the numbered one before.  It starts with encumbrance tables. The 238th page ends with encounter reactions. Both pages contain copyright info.

There's also no survey form, unless this was loose rather than bound in and just got lost.

It's not a gamma because the text alignment on the spine is centred. It's not an alpha because the endpaper and flyleaves are white.

Any help/clarification appreciated. Hope I haven't found a weird one to knock everything out of alignment!

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