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Post Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:07 am 

Hi there, i've recently done a trade with a chap, and he is sending me a collection of Albion Wargaming Magazines. The magazine was run (1969-1975) by Don Turnbull of early Games Workshop and UK D&D fame (He was hired by Gygax to distribute D&D through the UK) and two notable subscribers were Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson. I know Ian did a number of pieces of artwork for the covers and wrote some articles, and that it pre-dated their own Owl & Weasel which they used the subscriber list from to start it.

Knowing how much Owl & Weasel go for (As i sold one a couple of years ago) and not being able to find Albion anywhere, i wondered if you experts here knew anything about it?





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Hi Gothnak,

I was wondering: did you receive a whole set of these?  There were 50 issues as I recall--I have only seen issues 1-33.  Issue 50 was supposed to be huge.

Don Turnbull was also involved in the production of the wargame Schweinfurt.  This was reviewed in issue 29 of Albion.  Have you ever seen a copy?
The only mention of it in the USA (where I'm from originally) was in Strategy & Tactics issue 32 (I think) in their games ratings table.



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Post Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:39 am 

It was originally a diplomacy zine. Though broader later. Here is an online archive of some early issues:

Albion - Don Turnbull

I might be interested in purchasing some copies as might others who go for early Games Workshop in the UK (and Owl and Weasel / White Dwarf etc..). Quite a cool early zine I think. Mostly UK buyers I expect.

...of course in a few months, you might get some international interest as Brexit and our new Prime Minister ( BoJo) completely f***s our economy, the pound slumps to a few cents in value, people start trading furniture for food and raiding supermarkets and the entire country is reduced to a gigantic fire sale   (sorry, foul - that counts as a political comment I guess, I am happy to remove it, assuming the new Benevolent Conservative Government hasn't taken away my laptop as part of Brexit preparations (…sounds of weeping...))

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