MERP rolled up map in box
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stratochamp wrote in MERP rolled up map in box:2200 is the campaign and adventure guidebook for middle earth, with a square folded map of endor, with the square grid overlay on it.

You have the second edition, ME 2200, which was printed in 1983. Mine is the first edition , ME 2100 (as shown on the title page below) from 1982. The map in both is identical, but the books are very different. While they both retain the original cover, ME 2200 not only has "second edition" printed on the front cover, but was expanded from the 16 pages in ME 2100 to 24. So hopefully you can see where ICE selling the map separately with stock number 2100 would be confusing. Thus 2100A should be the stock number, regardless of whether rolled or folded. What it actually is only you can confirm.


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There are many instances of companies putting incorrect stock numbers on their books; since I organize things exclusively by stock codes, it is one of the items that I cross index on excel. This would be one of those instances. The stock code for the 1st edition Guidebook and gridded map is 2200. One may look inside a 1982 module, like Umbar for instance and see it listed there. The stock code for the poster/map ungridded mailed in a tube is 2100.

So stylistically one could argue that the stock code printed in the item is the way it should be organized (and I can see that point of view) in which case they would both be stock code 2100. I have chosen to use the number I know it was supposed to be and denote the company's mistake in my spreadsheet. The maps, sold separately, as I had mentioned before were stock code 2100A.

When they got around to the second edition, they had corrected their incorrect stock code and made it 2200.

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