Tunnels and Trolls Questions
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Post Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:28 pm 

Hi All,  

While doing some organizing of my collection I came across some Tunnels & Trolls goodies I picked up a decade ago or so.  Only now getting around to looking at them (pictures attached).  The ziplock bag contained Dungeon of the Bear Level 1 and Level 3 in addition to three pages of pre-gen player character sheets (marked "player character pack").  Obviously a mash up of items in the bag that I doubt belong together so....

My questions are:  

1) Is the ziplock bag original packaging?  
2) Any idea where the player character pack sheets came from? Did they come with one of the Dungeon of the Bear Levels? A fifth ed. boxed set?
3) Not looking to sell - and I see some real variability on ebay for these. Assuming they are all in G-VG condition, how would you reasonably value these?  

Catacombs of the Bear Cult
Dungeon of the Bear - L1
Dungeon of the Bear - L3
Sword for Hire (spiral bound)
Buffalo Castle
Three character sheets from a character pack




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