Large lot of old miniatures (Heritage, Custom Cast)
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Post Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 11:35 pm 

Salutations, mes amis!

A pretty substantial trove of vintage figures has come into my possession--most of this stuff is nearly as old as I am.  A quick inventory shows me a lot of Heritage, quite a few Custom Cast, and some early Ral Partha.  I also see a number stamped with "Elan Merch," which, if I recall correctly, were the Heritage Lord of the Rings figures.  The album below shows a portion of the collection, but not everything--there's a whole bag of early science fiction miniatures I haven't even started to inventory yet.  

I don't see anything here that I can place after 1978, though there are a lot of figures I can't identify at all.

I'd like to sell these at Gen Con, and I'm not sure of the best approach.  Obviously, from the pictures, the ones that are painted are not painted well.  Should I strip them?  Should I sell them in smaller lots, or as one big bunch?  I've sold minis at Gen Con before, but generally nothing this old, and certainly not this many.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ... ld%20Minis


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Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 12:45 pm 

Looks like a bit of "lead rot" going on with most of them. The features are distorted beyond what would be expected of them. I could be wrong, I'm not an expert on minis.


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Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 1:06 pm 

I think you're right for some of them.  The painted ones, I think, are mostly a case of thickly-applied my experience, that actually tends to prevent lead rot, for what it's worth.


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Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 3:08 pm 

I didn't see any definitive signs of lead rot in those pics. A couple looked like they had some bits of primer still clinging to them, hard to tell from the pics if it is primer or lead rot. If you rub the miniature and the affected area crumbles, leaving a whitish powder or granules, that would be lead rot. Toss those, or at least isolate them from the good ones.

A lot of early minis, in particular Custom Cast, were crudely sculpted and lack detail, so when you apply primer and glop on old enamels and acrylics, you end up with some of the faces seen in the pics.

You could take the time to strip them, but I don't think it's necessary. If I see a mini I want, I don't care if it is primed/painted.

For selling them, it would be easier for you but likely less profitable if you sell everything in one big lot. If your goal is more profits, you should probably group them into lots by manufacturer. You could then break them into smaller groups by line if so inclined (Heritage > Elan Merch/LoTR > Dungeon Dwellers, etc). If your sci-fi minis turn out to be Grenadier Gamma World minis, those in particular could be a nice little gold mine for you.

Good luck with your sale!

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Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 3:10 pm 

I've come across a few that I discovered had lead rot after I stripped them.

Now the question is: Did they get that way before/after painting? Or, was it the result of the stripping process? :?

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Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 10:08 pm 

As it turns out, quite a few of the sci fi minis ARE Grenadier Gamma World minis--it looks like it may be the contents of the 0005-Adventurers boxed set.  I've found the following thus far from that set:

Protech Armor
Adventurer AK-47
Adventurer M-16
Heavy Power Armor
Battle Armor
Man with blastergun
Man with laser rifle
Mutant man
Photon grenadier
Medic robot
Maintenance robot
Member B.O.T.
Seeker with axe
Female warrior

Going back into the "fantasy" figures, I've also turned up a badder and an Iron Society member.  I'm pretty sure there are a few more yet lurking in there.

The remainder appear to be Heritage John Carter figures and a few Heritate Star Trek figures.

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