appraisal of advanced dungeon masters guide 1979
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:46 am 

hello everyone, i recently stumbled upon an older piece in my childhood collection of mostly V3.5 books, and was hoping someone could help me value it. the piece in question is a 1979 advanced dungeon master guide in what i would like to think is pretty good condition for one that had been picked up from a used book store and stored in my house for about a decade. pictures below, if you need a better quality picture of the title page or any specific information from the book let me know! thank you for the help in advance!


also any tips on how to remove the residual glue from price tag stickers would be appreciated.


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Post Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:27 pm 

Looks like 5th print to me?

Here's the Acaeum page on the DMG (there is also a link on this page to an identifying flowchart):
Dungeon Masters Guide

Values can be found here:
Rulebooks Index


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Post Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:39 pm 

prob $10-$15. They are fairly common


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Post Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:33 pm 

misterspock wrote in appraisal of advanced dungeon masters guide 1979:prob $10-$15. They are fairly common

Agreed.  Though, the ceiling is probably $35 shipped - if you really hustle and wait.  This is in pretty decent condition (it seems).   If you auction it, though, expect the $15.


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