Eldritch Ent. in Foreign Languages
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Post Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:09 am 


The first Eldritch product translated into Italian made its debut at Lucca Comics & Games. The title is "The Case of the Missing Magic." The publisher is Wild Boar (Luca Volpino, President). This edition includes an appendix (by Ciro Sacco) about the D&D game and its history, and that section includes new (fabulous) color art by the well-known Italian artist Emanuele Manfredi.

It has the original EE logo & credits, plus new credits for this edition, as well as the list of original playtesters from my home campaign and the NTRPG con.
The print run was 150 copies, sold for 15 Euros each (VAT included). Each has a serial number (001 to 150).
It's marked on the cover and interior that this is specifically for the 40th anniversary of the original D&D game (in conjunction with Lucca C&G).

At Lucca, this sold out by Saturday early afternoon. Many were disappointed. :/
(The convention had 400,000 attendees, of whom I estimate 3-5% were tabletop gamers.)
At least 75 copies were personally autographed by me at the convention, possibly more.

I have one new copy for each of my EE partners & investors, at cost.
If my calcs are correct, when the dust settles I will have two extra. I might offer them to Acaeum members in the future.

I estimate the value to be 50+ $US at present, and (due to the combination of unique marks & features) to rise sharply in the future.
Demand is High. Best bet: To get one, contact your friend in Europe who may have attended Lucca. Do it soon.


ps: I expect most or all of the EE product line to appear in Italian editions in the future, and plans are being made for German, French, and Scandinavian (Norwegian/Swedish/Danish/Finnish) editions. Furthermore, many great products by many other small publishers are available in English only, and EE is developing options for further European market penetration by facilitating their translations as well.

Comments (and offers to Sell) welcome on this thread.

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