PDFs and collectable prices
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Post Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 3:08 pm 

Mike said:
PS. Len did you have to pay for your pdfs or were most of them free dls? I know there are many free dl pdfs but then there are also pdfs that you have to pay for.
 In the beginning WOTC made roughly 100 pdfs free (to wet everyone's appetite I suppose).  They then started selling them at 2.49 or 2.99. (I can't remember which) I bought practically everyone they had at this price.  Now the prices stand at 5 bucks a pop which is tough to swallow, so I only pick up 10 or so a month (depending on what gets released).  At first, I would buy 20 and a friend would buy 20 and we would trade, but that stopped after the novelty wore off (for my friend) and when it seemed the quality of the pdf's took a hit.  (They went from being real text to 300dpi scans that are OCR'd) .  I know I can use mIRC to go out there and download everyone of them but I choose not to.  I am a big fan of Bastion Press (they do the scans and because I like Jim Butler) and want to help them as well.


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Post Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 7:20 pm 

I think I already said it in an earlier post but WOTC does have 2-3 people who scour ebay looking for auctions that are peddling illegal copyright materials. That adv guild module lot easily could have been taken off of ebay but I didn't tip them off or let them know since I had some requests from other collectors to let the auction stay so they can find out how much AG items go for. Another seller of AG last year got in trouble by WOTC for selling authentic AG modules. WOTC has made it clear that retailers are not allowed to sell AG modules


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Post Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 11:45 pm 

FoulFoot wrote:Lastly, in response to an earlier post -- eBay will not pay any attention to you, or I, if we bring these sellers to the attention of their fraud department.  They will only entertain complaints from the copyright holder / intellectual property holder themselves; therefore, if you're really steamed at these people, contact WotC about it directly and let them take action.Foul
  A couple of years back I wanted to pick up a pirated copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Series. I think Fox owned the rights to the cartoon and hadn't produced this series for purchase anywhere. I turned to Ebay to pick one up. There were a handful of sellers of these items who offered various degrees of quality products. Invariably the listings would be removed by Ebay shortly after they were posted except for one seller's offering of this series on VHS. The seller had alot of feedback on how terrible the quality of the recordings were and his descriptions in the listing were a turnoff, but his were the only ones that would last the auctions full duration. I began to believe this guy was ratting out the other sellers to Ebay in an effort to protect his territory. Perhaps Ebay finally became feedup with this routine and waste of company resources helping these sellers out. I finally had to email one of the better looking listings before they were booted and have him sell it to me privately. I asked him why he thought the auction ended but he never told me.  Adam

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Post Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:01 am 

I believe that PDFs are valuable in that they allow you to carry a bookshelf of books around with you. Since I collect Forgotten Realms, nearly all of it is available on PDF which is nice when I want to go somewhere and don't want to carry a ton of books. Its also nice to be able to search the PDFs for keywords instead of spending hours trying to find information. I only wish that I could search all of my PDFs at once instead of individually. They are also good because you can purchase the PDF of an item first before you decide if you really want to buy it. I don't consider them valuable monitarily. In most cases I'd rather have the real thing over the PDFs, but I wouldn't mind having PDFs of the Forgotten Realms AG modules until I can get my hands on the real thing.

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