The Fantastic Worlds Of Grenadier by Terence Gunn
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Post Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:07 pm 

PM sent.

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Post Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:11 am 

Hello, everyone! It's been a while, I know, but I am now working again on the 3rd and last revision to The Fantastic Worlds of Grenadier.

The basic structure of the book will remain similar, but there will be some layout changes, image additions and subtractions, numerous pages added, some narrative text changes, error corrections, additional product listings, and (hopefully) one or more additional interviews. Numerous images on the accompanying CD supplement (and others not) will be included in this last revision. And although last on my list of priorities, I would also like to change the front and back covers. More on the latter later :o)

As far as whether or not this last revision will be an electronic book (most likely in PDF form) or a hard copy depends entirely on whether or not I can find a publisher, or at least a financial backer, to cover the cost of printing, etc. Although I did not go the way of P.O.D. (print-on-demand) before, I have noticed there still is confusion about how P.O.D. works and how much money is required in advance to set this service up initially. And keep in mind -- the pages in the physical book were glossy pages (best for colour) with 31 colour pages and front and back colour covers.  In 2003 and 2004 I had a shoestring budget, but now I have what I would call an Instant Raman Noodle budget. LOL! Such will not be a deterrent for me to put this last revision together in an attractive and more expansive way, but -- in regards to a hard copy version -- the costs of printing, packaging, shipping, etc., of such is another aspect in itself. Regardless of what format the last revision of the book will manifest in, there is first and foremost considerable work to be done completing this revision; and until its completion, achieving this will remain my main focus.

Regarding the new layout of this book, I would be most appreciative of feedback from those who have read this book, and who appreciate the fairly accurate chronological textural narrative of Grenadier Models and its product history I provided. In this last revision of the book I am experimenting with breaking up chapters, often at the end or halfway, etc. of such chapters, by featuring numerous pages of assorted images of miniatures prefaced in the chronological narrative.

My question is: will implementing such be a distracting disruption to the flow of the chronological narrative or a post-narrative enhancement? Would the reader -- who appreciates the chronological narrative -- prefer such pages of images of miniatures towards the end of the book, just before the product appendix? Or would the reader prefer a little post reference during the chapters that mention such products? I understand that placing all such within the closest proximity of the chronological product(s) mentioned would be preferable, but I simply do not have enough images (enough quality images) to do a decent job of this, so this is not an option currently.

On a side note, for those who have been seeking me via a particular invalid email address once associated to me -- I have changed my email address numerous times in the last decade, and did not include a forwarding address.

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