Worthless items.
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:56 am 

rosenkav wrote in Worthless items.:We are discussing about a term. And I agree - we are talking of monetary value here, and not worth.
However, I do concur with the main theme of the discussions: there is lots of material that has no monetary value, especially because of poor condition and/or great amount of prints issued - and still have a tremendous playing/inspiration value.

Let's just clear about which kind of "value" we are talking about.

Nicely summarized.  I just hope we can turn this discussion into something productive.

benjoshua wrote in Worthless items.:So, a sticky thread like this could provide a valuable service AND occasionally steer sellers our way......
I vote Mars be the chief editor of such a sticky thread and we give him input on what should be included and excluded.  Go Mars!  :)

Badmike wrote in Worthless items.:.......I like a sticky thread on the subject. Especially educating people on the quality (condition) of items vis a vis value.  The same thing in comics, some guy thinks he has a gold mine until you point out all his 60s comics are dirty, dog-eared and colored in.  In general an item missing the poster map, with highlighting and massive spine wear is relatively valueless for resale purposes, it would be good to have a place to have that stated explicitly.

Mike B.

Of course, it is fun arguing about what's "worthless" or worthwhile.   :?

Truth is worth finding and life is too short to work for money.

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