What will be 'tomorrows' Woodgrain/ Tsojconth/ Fazzle?
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Post Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:14 am 

Yes there can be another beginning!  If we look to the silver age of comics when comics we re-invented, that can be considered a new begining.  We speculate that D&D will remain popular and robust but it still may slip away and have to be reborn.  It almost happened when TSR went broke!

This is a very young hobby by collectable standards.  The rares are worth great cash for being published so recently in the past.  Game collecting is still in its infancy, just watch what happens in the next 10 - 20 years.

If you need a recent example, some of the small press stuff like the Necromicon and Recent Goodman modules sell at a premium.

Will there ever be another uber rare, maybe not, but in an industry this young it would be impossible to predict. :!:

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Post Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 1:17 pm 

If you use comics as an example (and it is a good one), you basically support my theory. Yes, comics were somewhat reinvented. Yes, there are recent issues that are worth a lot of money. But no, no comic will ever be published now or in the future that will be worth as much as Action Comics #1, or Amazing Fantasy #15. Historically, with any type of collecting, the first items produced are worth the most, whether it is Coke bottles, electric trains or RPG's. The reasons are easy to pinpoint. Let's take D&D, and jump 40 years into the future. At that juncture, woodies would probably be worth $10,000, but 3rd edition stuff would be worth a few hundred at best. Why? 1,000 first print woodies were printed. Right now, anything that WoTC decides to send to print is going to have a six-digit print run. And if it does well, it gets another six-digit run.
So 40 years from now, if I am a collector, am I going to pay big bucks for 3rd edition stuff, or am I going to pay big bucks for a woody?
Another consideration is that old modules look and feel old. That in itself makes them appeal to collectors. Compare a newer comic book to, say, Avengers #1 and what is the difference? Modernized art, different paper, etc. The newer comic LOOKS new, and therefore is not nearly as desireable to a collector.
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