Various items from the attic
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Hello there.

Well, there was more in the boxes than the Traveller and Tunnels & Trolls (all still available on eBay *wink*).

Just thought I'd post my random collection of random stuff for general perusment.
Pictures at *click here*

Oddly, I had more Rolemaster than Runequest, although Runequest was pretty much my main game.
What I haven't shown is the pile of school exercise books filled with adventures I wrote back then; heh.

I suppose it was because I recognised Rolemaster for the great system it was; and while I didn't play it too much, I really enjoyed reading it.

What I have practically nothing off, but probably had the best GM moments from, was WFRP.

And MERP? Again, I loved Tolkien stuff, and just had these for enjoyment. Can't recall ever actually playing the game (although I do play LotRO these days) :)

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