Value of Ultra Rare Modules (Palace of VQ and LCOT)
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Post Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:43 pm 

Super77777 wrote:How can a market get over-saturated by something that had a finite number printed almost 40 years ago? There were 300 printed, therefore that is all that exist. How is that easy to get? Do you have a source? Just kidding.

Also, how can you compare a reprint to an original? Anyone buying one of the originals is not looking for a reprint. If someone is just looking for a copy, they could get a reprint or just print of a scanned pdf. A collector wants the real rare item-not just a copy to play with. Why buy something 40 years old to begin with if you just want a copy? The person collecting these is looking for a piece of history.

I have received offers for more already and the items sold. To satisfy your curiosity the POTV sold for more than 1000. There are plenty of collectors willing to buy nice rare pieces. I didn't come on here looking for offers, just some opinions. I should have made that clear from the outset, because I know that asking potential buyers to be raters would be a conflict of interest  :D

Thanks for your feedback.

The market can become over-saturated, when it's only a limited market to begin with.

You can compare buying a reprint to an original, when the reprint only costs $50, as opposed to $1200. (But you've sold it already... like Doug needs another copy... [Kidding Doug!!!])

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