What are old D&D modules worth?
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Hello Everyone,

Here is a list of modules that I have for sale. Modules that are labeled wrapped have never been opened.
Any input would really help

Dungeons and Dragons
•        Non- Player Character Records
•        Player Character Record Sheets
•        2 Dungeon Masters Adventure Logs
•        Fantasy Adventure Game Basic Rulebook
•        Dungeon Masters Screen
•        Expert Rulebook
•        Dungeon Masters Screen Combat and Saving Throw Tables
•        Monster and Treasure Assortment
•        Dungeon Geomorphs
•        The Rogues Gallery

•        A1-  Dungeon Module A1 Slave Pits of the Under City -- Unwrapped
•        A2- Dungeon Module A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade- Wrapped
•        A3- Dungeon Module A3 Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords- Unwrapped
•        A4- Dungeon Module A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords -- Wrapped
•        AC1- The Shady Dragon Inn- Wrapped
•        AC2- Combat Shield and Mini- Adventure- Unwrapped
•        B1-In Search of The Unknown- Wrapped
•        B2-The Keep on The Borderlands- Unwrapped
•        B3- Palace of the Silver Princess- Wrapped
•        B4-The Lost City- Wrapped
•        B5- Horror on the Hill -- Wrapped
•        B6- The Veiled Society -- Unwrapped
•        C1- The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan- Wrapped
•        C2- The Ghost Tower of Inverness- Wrapped
•        D1-D2- Descent into the Depths of the Earth- Wrapped
•        D3- Vault of the Drow --Wrapped
•        EX1- Dungeonland- Wrapped
•        G1-2-3- Against the Giants- Wrapped
•        I1- Dwellers of the Forbidden City- Wrapped
•        I1- Tomb of the Lizard King- Wrapped
•        I3- Pharaoh- Wrapped
•        I4- Oasis of the White Palm- Wrapped
•        I5- Lost Tomb of Martek- Wrapped
•        I6- Ravenloft- Wrapped
•        L1- The Secret of Bone Hill- Wrapped
•        L2- The Assassin's Knot- Wrapped
•        N1- Against the Cult of the Reptile God-Wrapped
•        N2- The Forest Oracle- Unwrapped
•        O1- The Gem and The Staff- Wrapped
•        Q1- Queen of the Demonweb Pits- Wrapped
•        S1- Tomb of Horrors- Wrapped
•        S2- White Plum Mountain- Wrapped
•        S3- Expedition to the Barrier Peaks- Wrapped
•        S4- The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth- Wrapped
•        T1- The Village of Hommlet - Wrapped
•        UK1- Beyond the Crystal Cave - Wrapped
•        UK2- The Sentinel- Wrapped
•        UK3- The Gauntlet- Unwrapped
•        U1- The Sinister of Saltmarsh- Wrapped
•        U2- Danger at Dunwater- Wrapped
•        U3- The Final Enemy- Wrapped
•        WG4- The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun- Wrapped
•        X1- The Isle of Dread- Wrapped
•        X2- Castle Amber- Wrapped
•        X3- Curse of Xanathon- Wrapped
•        X4- Master of Desert Nomads- Wrapped
•        X5- Temple of Death- Wrapped

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