Original TSR Box Sets w/ no box, what can be expected?
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Post Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:57 am 

bclarkie wrote:
DanZ wrote:

I also have a very fine (IMHO) true first edition Greyhawk.

As far as the T1st Greyhawk, once again assuming the condition you describe bears out, I would say probably $125 to $200. Here is a T1st in about said condition that just went on EBay a couple of weeks ago:

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem& ... 0&rd=1

Now this is probably a little bit high because the seller(burnie) is a very well known, very reputable and well respected seller, so folks are willing to spend a little more because of the trust factor. Hope that helps.

Yeah, the price might have been a little on the high side, but I can tell you it looks much better than it did in the photo.  It's a great copy.  I'm VERY happy to own this one. :D

I'm definitely going to watch for burnie's future auctions, as I'm sure many here already do.


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Post Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:11 pm 

killjoy32 wrote:says Aneoth with his bookcase devoted to OD&D items :)

and are the other lurkers "wandering monsters" then? what's the chance of an encounter :D

More true than you would likely suspect....  8)

it is actually

For D&D Only:

A) Two full bookcases, and half of another.

B) Two drawers of a metal file cabinet in my home office are used to store exceedingly rare and fragile D&D items so they are kept away from direct light. The other three drawers serve the same purpose for other types of collectables.

C) One large lighted glass display case (6-' tall x 4' wide x 2' deep).

The display case actually holds all sorts of collectables.

Examples: Star-Wars stuff, Star Trek stuff, Football Cards and memorabilia (signed Mini Helmets, Mini footballs, etc.) and one shelf for D&D Items only.

That shelf holds: a Second Print Woodgrain Box in Near Mint Condition (My favorite item by far), a SW B-3, a Pristine True First Print Greyhawk, and a NM Second Edition Chainmail, and other various items, along with a few minis and some polyhedron dice spread about on the shelf, just to ease a viewer into the D&D theme.

(As I have stated on this forum before, I do not normally collect minis, or dice; I just have a whole bunch of them on hand through listings/auctions of large lots I have obtained over the years.)

D) E) etc...

I have other places where other items are stored. One Closet is full with old Comics and football cards, etc. Another bookcase is filled with football cards, etc. My home office is OVER-filled with gobs of boxes of D&D Books, Box Sets, RPG Games, etc. waiting for placement in my collection, eventual re-sale, or more permanent storage someplace.... :roll:

Still that is nothing compared to many others here....

I know of another collector/player that dwells here and has a complete house dedicated to nothing but RPG stuff.  8O

And it is no even where he lives!! 8O

You can see pictures of that setup on this forum..... very nicely done....

Yet another who has a freeking WAREHOUSE, filled with just some of his stuff  8O

still another who bought a shipping container just to hold SOME of his stuff.  8O

(those last two are admittedly re-sellers though)  

Not to mention maxwell of course...  :wink: :lol:

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