Rollerball by Ken St. Andre
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:23 pm 

Here is a game I came across last year by Ken. St. Andre.  Until I received this copy I had never heard or seen this game referenced before in any Tunnels & Trolls related or RPG collecting forums or sites, so I am wondering if anyone else has a copy?



The date on the inside cover introduction is February 8, 1977.  The cover page credits have the date Feb. 20, 1977.  There are 24 pages, plus front and rear cover.  Inside contains various articles with various charts and lots of illustrations.

In Ken's own words to me:  "...Rollerball by Ken St. Andre with original artwork by Ernest Hogan (he who did the Starfaring artwork).  Only 100 copies of this game were produced of which this is number 61. This is a board game in a fanzine, and it tells you how to construct and play a Rollerball game.  I produced this thing completely on my own with the aid of the local photocopy shop in February of 1977.  Will autograph it if you wish.  Original price was $1 ...."

There is more info in the introduction but I would have to take the staples out to get a proper scan which I didn't feel like doing.  The intro concludes with the number out of 100 written in marker, and a copyright of the artwork 1977 by Ernest Hogan.

From the Introduction:

"It is an attempt to develop a paper and pencil simulation of the slam-bang action of the movie ROLLERBALL".

"You may ask 'Why do a fanzine that is mainly about a game?  Why not just do the game?'  And I have to answer you that there are two reasons.  First I have not contacted United Artists to get the game rights.  Second, I cannot afford to do the production necessary for game boards and playing pieces."

From my reading of the thing the idea is a fantasy combat sports game in the same vein as Bloodbowl, and not so much an RPG per say.  According to Ken this never really took off with his inner circle of friends and so the game was never developed further.  He did create a game board and pieces but those are long gone and only the fanzine survives.

So the big question apart from if anyone else has seen or has a copy, is what would this be worth?

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Post Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:01 pm 

Just bought one for cheap today at a flea market. #45 / 100.

No idea on value on the open market though.

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