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Post Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:25 pm 

I recently received some Harn books in a large lot I got from a local book store. I know there are some on here that collect/play it as well. Here is a list:

Adventure Modules
The Staff of Fanon
100 Bushels of Rye

Kingdom Modules

Harnworld 2nd Edition Folio
Hardworld 2nd Edition book
Cities of Harn (black cover)
Son of Cities
Castles of Harn
Harnmaster  (1986)
Harnmaster 2nd Edition (1996)
Harnmaster Magic (1996)
Harnmaster Barbarians (2000)
Harnmaster Religion (1998)
Lionheart (1987) - doubt if its related to Harn but it was included and its from Columbia Games

Harnlore 2
Harnlore 10
Harnlore 11
Encyclopedia Harnica 11

Most of the items range from very good to very fine per the grading standards here. Any ideas on what these things are worth? I found a few on Amazon, but we all know how well those items are priced. Thanks in advance!


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Post Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:06 am 

I have been watching, reading and collecting Harn for a number of years now (have never managed to join a game!). We're trying to get some decent price monitoring going on the Wiki, but this is a long way away still - they aren't auctioned enough, most Sellers seek BINS. Below is my best estimate of the prices:

Still available from Columbia Games:
    Harnlore issues 10 and 11 - $10.00 each
    Harnlore 2 - $5.00
    Lionheart - $49.99
    100 Bushels of Rye - $19.99 (often on Ebay for less)
    Harnmaster Religion, Barbarians and Magic - $29.99 each

Out of Print
    The Staff of Fanon is quite rare. In mint condition I have seen these go for $50.
    Araka-Kalai  - $15 to $20
    Orbaal and Melderyn - $15 to $25
    Tharda and Rethem are rarer in good condition -  $30 to $50 (I have seen one Rethem go for almost $70)
    Encyclopedia Harnicas - $10 to $20 depending on condition
    Harnworld 2nd Edition - $10 to $20 depending on condition
    Cities of Harn, Son of Cities - $10 to $15
    Castles of Harn (seems to do better) - $20 to $30
    Harnmaster 1st edition (1986) and 2nd Edition (1996) still do not seem to fetch much. It is often hard to get them in good condition. I've seen them go for less than $10 and more than $20, so again a $10 to $20 range.


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Post Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:13 am 

I had already sent Jerry some notes (for some reason I thought this was in Classifieds not Appraisals, and thus couldn't respond).  Generally, I think this numbers in the right range.

I think Melderyn would be much higher and Rethem possibly lower due to the new edition (then again, original Evael still do quite well).  I think the two Cities books would bring somewhat more as well.

I was going to say that your Lionheart number must be a typo, but CGI must have jacked the price as they seem to be running low.  This is a $10-15 item used.

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