Need help with old PC and NPC Character Sheets
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:18 am 

I'm trying to identify and grade some PC and NPC character record sheets. I've read this ... acter.html but I'm still confused.

Here's what I have:

2 PC Character Record sheets - both with green covers. One is copyright 1979, the other is copyright 1979, 1981. The problem is that the staples were removed - I have one complete set of light gray record sheets, the other is blue. I don't know which inside goes with which cover. None of the record sheets have been used.

2 NPC Character Record Sheets - both with blue covers. As above, one is 1979 and the other is 1979, 1981. Alas, 3 of the 9 pages of the 1979 item have been detached (the half on the binding side is still there). No marks on either set. Sheets are orange.

2 PC Permanent record cardstock covers, white. One is clean, the other has a few spots filled in with light pencil. Do these go with the PC Record sheets?

I've uploaded hi-res scans to flickr here:



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Post Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:55 am 

You have both the first and second printings (1979 and 1981) of both the NPC sheets and the Permanent Character Record sheets.

The 1979 Perm Record has bright blue sheets.  I don't have a 1981 edition to compare, but logically, the other sheets would go with that one.  The white card sheets do indeed go with the Perm Record sheets, one each.

Other than the covers, I doubt there are distinguishing marks between the editions, so exactly how you match them up won't likely matter too much.

Prices vary quite a bit on these.  Tons were printed, but most were used, so complete unused copies can be tricky to find.  Not "rare", but a little challenging.  I'd estimate your copies in the $5-15 range (each).  Perfect copies could run to double that.

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