Beggars Review: Dark Tower-A Judges Guild Classic
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:14 pm 

Dark Tower (88 )
Art and Module Design by: Paul Jaquays-1980, 70 pages.
Created and approved for use with AD&D

This is one awesome adventure.
Truly one of the very best that Judges Guild ever produced.
It will probably cost you a good bit of cash to get a copy though as this module is highly sought after and coveted by many old gamers and collectors.

An Ancient Evil has overtaken a once holy shrine. Thus, a sleepy mountain hamlet becomes a focal point for mysterious disappearances and even stranger legends of what lurks beneath the village.
    Would any group of adventurous souls dare to probe the facts that lie behind the myths, or seek to right ancient wrongs, rescue secreted artifacts, or . . . even attempt to exterminate the source of evil itself?
    This is no quest for the weak of spirit of strength: Beyond the cellars of Mitra's Fist lie strong allies and strange enemies, undead and undying, each seeking to involve the unwary in a titanic battle of good against evil, which can only end in destruction.

Created for 6-10 characters of 7th-11th level.
The players should be well versed in running high-level characters.
The PC Group would best be served if it includes a Thief, and at least one or more Clerics with a mixture of fighters and mages.
The PCs could be a group of good characters, an evil group, or a party with one or more Evil PCs in an otherwise neutral or even a good aligned group.

This adventure is basically about the battle between the Chaotic Evil worshipers of Set and the lawful Good followers of Mitra.
That said Clerics serving either one of those deities would enjoy additional bonuses in this adventure.
(The bonus abilities/spells are listed)

There are several artifacts to be found in the adventure.
Not necessarily to be found and used by the PCs, but it could happen that way.

There are two new types of NPCs in the adventure.
Lions of Mitra: 10 hit dice (d10)
Sons of Set: Chosen Son: 22 Hit Dice and Lesser Son: 15 Hit Dice

The Adventure begins either on the road to the village, or inside the Village of Mitra's Fist (a.k.a.: Mitra's Curse).
There are a couple of wilderness encounters that can be used (if needed) either before or after the village (between the village and the Dark Tower)
There are 19 detailed areas to investigate inside the village with NPCs and a few monsters (all the monsters are low level here).

The Village has been (mostly) taken over by brigands and Evil NPCs, most are worshiper's of Set.
The Village boasts a Small Manor, a merchants house, a trading house, an Inn, an abandoned tower (Not the Dark Tower) a shrine to Mitra (The Prefect of the Shrine of Mitra is befuddled and ignorant of the happenings in the Village, but he does possess an Artifact (Ring of Mitra)
There is also a wine shop, Tailors shop, Constabulary (run by a fighter who is a Worshiper of Set) and a few common houses and barracks buildings.

The Dark Tower includes over a dozen levels; some areas are semi-neutral (scattered throughout the two towers); another 6 levels are Mitra's Tower and 6 are Set's Tower (plus three pocket dimension areas).
PCs will face traps and puzzles and will battle many normal monsters and fantasy creatures' galore.
They will face Chosen Sons of Set, a Lich, Demons, and some Dragons…. And bunches of undead and high level Villains as well.

Do not expect to finish this one in a short time.
This thing is BIG…. And filled to the brim with encounters, some deadly and many not so much.

I suspect the New D20 Version of this module is close (in content) to the original, though I am sure the stats for creatures/NPCs are very differnt since it is a D20 conversion.
That said (even if for reading alone) the D20 version is (IMO) easily worth the less than $10 I see them sell for all the time on E-Bay.

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:45 pm 

Indeed. I was astonished to get a first print from the Crazy Egor for the amazing price of $20. One of my favorite adventures, and something every player eventually needs to be subjected to.

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Post Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 10:59 pm 

This module is simply brilliant. It is especially impressive considering that it has quite a detailed backstory, which was lacking in many of the scenarios of the late 1970s. That being said, it still functioned as a glorious dungeon crawl complete with detailed tricks and traps along with interesting and unique battles. I truly feel that Paul Jaquays is one of the true geniuses of the RPG glory days, especially considering that he wrote most of his classic scenarios when he was in his very early twenties, a kid, really.

Thanks for reading,
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